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I hope the 3 flights of stairs I need to travel to get to my room helps counteract the freshman 15.

"If you’re not TJ, go away."

electrascomplexkills asked:
(☉_☉) (either verse- ps arranged marriage au is in my drafts x)

"What’re you gawking at, darling? I’m taking a bath."


Send me “Some Other You” and I’ll introduce you to an AU version of my character!



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it’s my last day at home and everyone is screaming at me.

Glad to know no one will miss me.

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Moving into college tomorrow so today is gonna be crazy with packing and all that so I probably won’t be on until I’m on-campus when I should be sleeping but I want to start getting replies done.

I’m really worried that I’m entering another phase where I think about killing myself a lot and when it’s hard to get motivated to do anything and at the same time it’s even harder because I’m going to school and people keep telling me my depression is situational and I feel like it’s not. It hurts because it makes me feel like my depression is invalidated because it’s circumstantial. The fact that there might be a direct situation that triggers my anxiety and depression or even brings it on doesn’t change the pain or make it any better or any more preventable.


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At da zoo