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He bit his lip. “I can’t tell you.” He was ashamed he couldn’t share his love with others, his passion. He was ashamed that people thought he was a freak for it, that he was dangerous or crazy or sadistic. He didn’t like to destroy things, it just came with the territory that he loved more than he could ever love another human.


"Oh, come on, I’m the Cancer Kid, I might relapse and die before I can laugh at you," she laughed, trying to lighten the mood. "Seriously, you can tell me anything, I’m one of the least judgmental people on this planet," Sam said, lifting her shoulder in a shrug.

"But that’s what all the super judgmental people say. Just like the people who say that they hate drama are the ones that always cause it." He pouted, feeling a bit off-putted by the cancer card. "Fine, I like fire. Like… I love it. I’m in love with it…”

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I feel better it was just flight anxiety but I actually got to eat a little. I’m running on no sleep and got a full day of site seeing. Let’s hope I make it xD. Guten tag Germany!

Batting Blind || Chester + Sparks



"I consider hiding my ugly eyes so as not to scare the piss out of everyone a fashion statement." He spat, taking the rim of the plate under his fingertips and drawing it near him. He was more than irritated with her, most people politely resigned themselves when he was forced to point out his blindness to them, and he was astonished that this girl had the gall to mock it. 

He shrugged off her apology and fixed his pizza in his hands, filling his mouth with food to avoid talking to her.

The blonde was silent in surprise as he words were angrily spat out. Immediately she knew she had said all the wrong things, and she had no idea how to fix it. Hell, she’d barely met this guy.


 Ah well, she resigned to herself silently, biting her pizza glumly. It’s not like I’m losing much. I don’t have many friends to begin with. 

"Sorry again" She repeated, though she knew it didn’t mean much. 

She focused around the meeting again, hoping to see any of the girls she had crushes on.

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I’m gonna get in a flight to Berlin and I already feel sick and I want to cry because I don’t want to throw up and my sisters being a bitch about it telling me to stay away from her.

Psalm 23 || Benji + Vail



"W-What’s your name?” Benji asked softly, closing the book. As much as he wanted to rely on Him, and to put his trust in Him, he knew he would have to rely on people in this world if he was going to make it out alive.

"Tell me about yourself, where are you from?"


The short blonde is a little surprised by herself, for not introducing herself to the boy. 

"My name is Vail… Like that thing women wear on their wedding days."

She didn’t know why her parents named her that, but it was short and always easy to spell. 


"I came from a small town in Ohio. I was a junior in high school. Some students and I barricaded ourselves in our high school for about two weeks because we expected help to come… Well- you know how that might have turned out."

She smirked, “We split ways, I’ve been alone ever since. and you?”

Vail left out the part where she was a lesbian, and how she’d parted ways with the girl she’d had a crush on since childhood. It didn’t feel like something she should mention.

"Oh," He nodded quietly, the silence that fixed itself between them indicating that he should share his story. "I’m from Kansas but I was living in Minnesota… We moved up to live with my dad." If only it had been that simple.

"When the outbreak happened my mom took me to the church to pray, repent. I think she thought that God was going to save her." 

He gently folded the bible closed and set it beside him. “I guess he didn’t… She stayed and I ran and I guess everyone has the same story after that.”


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I did get a picture so I’ll photoshop it and it’ll be cheaper. XD


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"Sometimes I pretend I’m in love with the people I have one night stands with, and it hurts because I know I’m going home alone in the morning but it’s worth feeling like you’re loved for just a night."


"Ever think that maybe you should give up on the whole one night stand thing and actually find someone to be with? I’m sure you wouldn’t have any trouble finding someone amazing." Crystal told him with a smile

"You don’t know me too well if you think anyone’s gonna think I’m dating material." He huffed at the girl. As if anyone would want to date someone who stripped and cammed for a living. On top of that, there were some things he just wasn’t willing to give up to love someone else.

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She came to him and kissed him, making him feel numb. She was a sweet girl, quiet, pretty, the kind he could have brought home to his mother. Maybe if the guilt of his identity didn’t weigh him down, maybe if he pushed away the strange feelings and embraced what he’d always been told was right, maybe if he just something in her memory, if he let her love him, he wouldn’t go to bed wishing he’d never wake up.

"Okay…" He breathed softly, heart swelling into his throat.


With a small nod, she smiled, moving back and gently poking his nose. She never knew… All the time they’d known each other she hadn’t picked up the hints, maybe because she didn’t want to or maybe it never really came to her mind. For the two years they’d spend near each other, she’d grown to love him, not necessarily romantically, but for sure it was strongly. 

"I say we go get some breakfast first, hmm? Even though i think it’s well after one pm, but meh, who cares… Right now i’m willing to kill for a blueberry muffin."


Pauly never expected her to be oblivious, but if anyone would be it would have been Arna. Everyone else knew he was gay because he all but sucked a dick in front of them but with Arna, he kept things a little more innocent. He’d told her he worked at a bar instead of a club, and never ever mentioned his “internet business”, he did it because she reminded him of Cat, but he never thought she’d think he was straight.

When the kiss had come out of left field, when he realized that she was now having feelings, he was afraid to even speak, he knew how she could get and couldn’t stand for her to yell at him. 

Nodding, he stood, in a daze, to get up. Was he really about to go on a god damn date with a girl?


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"Why thank you, baby." He winked. The customer wasn’t exactly his type but when you had money you were always Pauly’s type. "You wanna go somewhere? Get a private dance?"


He rolls his eyes. “You obviously don’t understand sarcasm.” He said crossing his arms. “Your type of dancing is even real dancing.”


Pauly rolled his eyes. This kid didn’t need to be so rude. 
"Come spew that bullshit when you make a grand a night with your dancing.” He sneered. “Whatever, you ain’t that cute anyway. Are you even old enough to be in here?”


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